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Figure Skating

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When Kristen started skating at the age of 6, she knew skating was her passion. Since then she has continued sharing her joy of skating with everyone. 

About me

Kristen became a competitive figure skater immediately, going on to compete at regional, sectional, national, and international level over a 13 year career.  During this time she obtained her gold in moves in the field and freestyle.  Shortly after finishing her competitive skating, Kristen transitioned into coaching.  17 years coaching, her focus has been to help students build a strong foundation that has helped them become elite skaters. Kristen can see how to help her students improve at a quick rate while helping them build their confidence.  She instills in her clients that if they work hard they can achieve their goals while having a lot of fun. 

Junior Grand Prix - Figure skating coach
Junior Grand Prix - Figure skating coach

My Focus

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Specialties include jumps, spins, skating skills, choreography, moves in the field, power skating, and pairs. 


Works with kids as young as 3 years old​, (will take exceptions if they are 2 yrs old) to adults.  Don't worry if you are brand new to skating, loves working with clients who want to learn.


Helping adults advance their skating skills to learn jumps, spins, take their moves in the field/freestyle tests and compete.

Off Ice Training

Extensive knowledge in helping athletes build their strength, flexibility, and endurance by using different off-ice training exercises.  So they can be their best physically and mentally. This includes off ice jump training to help excel the athlete's jumping technique and ability on the ice which will help gauge their overall progress.


Brian Krentz

Kristen coached me for many years and really unlocked my potential. Prior to working with Kristen, my jumps, spins, and skating skills were mediocre and not improving. Additionally, I lacked the confidence to go out and perform my best in competition. However, after working with her for several years, I improved across all of those dimensions and I was able to excel competitively.


Kristen’s ability to draw out the best in her skaters, both on the ice and off, is a unique quality in a coach. Her sharp eye always knows how to cut to the crux of a problem, and she never let me do less than my best. Kristen’s immense capability in building up key fundamentals and technique enabled me to learn all of my triple jumps, and her understanding of artistry turned me into a much more graceful skater. 


Kristen guided me through the best years of my skating career and coached me through my toughest moments - she has my highest recommendation as a coach. 

2010 Juvenile Pairs Silver Medalist

2011 Stockholm Junior Men Bronze Medallist 

2012 UGL Regional Novice Men Champion

20212 Midwestern Novice Men Champion

2012 US Challenge Skate Champion

2013 Midwestern Junior Bronze Medalist

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Michelle Calalang, Jessica's Mom 

“When my daughter, Jessica had an interest in competitive figure skating, my priority was to find a coach that not only had the skill set and knowledge but also someone who had personal integrity.  


We found that in Kristen Mita.  Kristen created an environment of motivation, focus and fun all at the same time.  Kristen’s love for sport taught Jessica to believe in herself even when things were tough, to always trust the process and never give up on your dreams.  It's amazing to think that even though Jessica no longer takes skating lessons from Kristen, she is still a part of Jessica’s growth and journey”.

National and International competitor 

2010 Midwestern Sectional Novice siver medalist

2010 8th place Novice National competitor 

Jacob Simon

Kristen was my coach over several pivotal years in my skating career as I was developing into an elite athlete. She taught me on the ice in both singles and pairs, and off the ice in strength and conditioning. 

Kristen helped me drastically improve my skating skills, elements, strength, and fitness. Her coaching style made it evident that she genuinely cared about my success. She would make sure I worked my hardest and performed to my highest potential. She knew what it took to achieve a goal and would work with me to achieve it. Whether that be passing a test, landing a jump consistently, or competing to the best of my ability, she would help guide me through the good days and the tough ones. 


Kristen would hold my training mates and I accountable while being right there with us making sure we were doing what we could to become better athletes, better people, and successful skaters. My successful skating journey would not have been possible without the help of Kristen!

National and International Competitor


Allison Manley

Kristen Mita is a spectacular technician, and very common sense coach. Her students have always shown steady progress because her approach to proper technique is consistent and skillful. It’s been a treat to watch her take a stable of pupils and have them all steadily improve over time. Not all coaches show that level of consistency. She’s a good diagnostician with immediate problems, so it’s rewarding to take lessons with her since I can see results in each lesson. Additionally, she also excels at the 50,000 foot view, being able to monitor the overall progress of a skater's on-ice needs, off-ice needs, choreography, and competition schedules. As such, she's well-rounded enough to handle a skater's needs from top to bottom, but also knows when to set her ego aside if a specialist needs to be brought in for anything specific.


I was sad to lose her as a coach when she moved from my area, but Chicago’s loss is the Bay Area’s gain. If she can take a mid-40s woman and make steady improvements, imagine what she can do with a skater who has the benefit of youth, time, and flexibility. I whole-heartedly recommend Kristen as a coach.”

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